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Located on almost 50 acres of wetland by the shores of picturesque Georgian Bay, PRA epitomizes a natural learning environment.  Hands-on experiential discovery is fostered throughout our K-12 academic facility. We invite you to see for yourself the positive learning environment that is Pretty River Academy.  

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Pretty River Academy
Pretty River Academy2 weeks ago
This is the way we learn! Pretty River Academy students are taking their learning on the trail as they learn about local history. Learning comes to life as they stand in the spot that history took place.
Today students learned about life in Collingwood...before it was Collingwood! We visited the Hen & Chickens trail and learned about the factors that led to the formation of our town.
#collingwood #prettyriveracademy #studentdrivenlearning #thisishowwelearn #bikingthroughtime @ Collingwood, Ontario
Pretty River Academy
Pretty River Academy2 weeks ago
Today students biked to the new Indigenous Gathering Circle in Collinwood on the Harbourview Trail.
The circle was designed to represent the Seven Teachings of the Grandfathers.
Experiential learning was at its best as students listened to the stories of each teaching as they stood under the canopy representing that teaching.

The Eagle - LOVE Zaagidwin
To be at peace with yourself and able to express love to your family, friends and community through your actions and words.

The Buffalo - RESPECT Mnaadendimowin
Respect is an attitude. To honour and listen to your Elders, parents and teachers is a sign of respect. The buffalo represents Respect because for as long as we have been here, we have sustained our lives through the Buffalo in terms of clothing, food, shelter, medicine and art.

The Bear - COURAGE Aakwade’ewin
Listen to your heart. It takes courage to do what is right. Courage is being brave in the face of life’s problems. Daily challenges take courage to overcome. Never give in, never give up.

The Sabe - HONESTY Gwekwaadiziwin
Never lie, cheat, steal or gossip. Be honest with yourself and others. Speak from your heart. Be true to your word.

The Beaver - WISDOM Nbwaakaawin
Everyone has a special gift. Show wisdom by using your gift. Wisdom is gained through experience and
knowledge. To have wisdom is to know the difference between right and wrong and to apply these qualities to your daily life.

The Wolf - HUMILITY Dbaadendiziwin
Think of others before yourself. Humility is to live your life free from arrogance, to not be boastful, and to have a modest sense of your own worth.

The Turtle - TRUTH Debwewin
Always seek truth. Living the truth is living the Seven Teachings.
Pretty River Academy
Pretty River Academy2 weeks ago
Congratulations to Pretty River Academy's Mr. Fischer who will be honored by C.C.I.'S Black & Gold Society!

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