Pretty River Academy is fully committed to providing a robust education in visual art.

Every kid loves making art. It’s messy, you get to use cool tools, and your mistakes just end up making things more interesting!

At PRA, we go out of our way to make sure that our students are given lots of time to develop their artistic voice and skills. Students in each grade study influential artists and art fundamentals, giving them the foundation with which to explore painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, new media and other forms of visual art.

Students all participate in the creation of sets and props for dramatic productions in each division. This involves building and painting scenic backdrops. The results are beautiful and the success is shared by everyone. Past productions include adaptations of Peter Pan, Kid Frankenstein, Treasure Island, Beauty and the Beast and many more.

Visual art is about engaging with all of your senses and emotions. It’s about developing our own unique vision and then sharing our vision with others.

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