• “I truly believe I wouldn’t have been accepted into my top university choice, Western, if it weren’t for the incredible teachers at PRA.”   

    Karley Reaburn 2017-2018 PRA Student
  • “I have never experienced programs quite as supportive, interesting, and positively challenging as these at PRA."

    Sophie Von Teichman Medicine at Western
  • "PRA science and math prepared me for Engineering at UBC in the honours math stream."  

    Nic Andersen Engineering at the University of British Columbia
  •   "PRA inspired me.  I was able to attain the math and scientific literacy required to succeed in engineering at Dalhousie University."

    Ted Stewart Engineering at Dalhousie Univeristy
  • "The one and only way to learn mathematics is to do the math, and PRA is the best place to have that opportunity!"

    Cathy Zhao Actuarial Science, University of Waterloo
  • "Teachers will personally tutor you, give you interesting creative projects and make jokes to motivate you in class. All of this will make you stronger and help you cope with the challenges you must face in your future."

    Ben Xie Physics at the University of California, Santa Barbara
  • "The education offered by Pretty River Academy is priceless. Teachers have the willingness to spend any amount of time to help us obtain our mastery of knowledge."

    Brad Li Economics at UBC
  • “Before coming to PRA, I wasn’t doing well in science and math. However, with the help of the teachers at PRA, I was able not only to catch up but to exceed many of my classmates in Math Competitions and in the National Science Fair.  I also received a $100,000 Loran Scholarship in 2018.”

    Zane Frantzen Electrical Engineering, UBC
  • "Due to the individualized nature of the classes, teachers understand each student's personal situations and learning styles.  This was an important factor in my overall success."

    Murphy Xu Architecture, McGill University
  • "My math and science preparation and skills are far superior to my peers from other schools."  

    Elias Andersen Engineering at the University of Toronto
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