The Value of Science Fair

Meaningful Learning

The Science Fair integrates, into one functional activity, virtually all of the skills and arts that are often taught separately. When brought to completion, the project is an amalgamation of reading, writing, spelling, grammar, math, statistics, ethics, logic, critical thinking, computer science, graphic arts, scientific methodology, self-learning, and public speaking. It is an educational activity that allows students to teach themselves, to take from the established information what they need to discover something exciting and new, and to identify and choose the tools that they need to conduct and conclude their project.

Mature, self-confident, skilled young leaders

When a student completes a science fair project, year after year, through the junior, intermediate, high school grades, the science fair process yields mature, self-confident, skilled young leaders who have career goals and the preparation, discipline, and drive to attain them.

Builds student confidence, challenges potential, and instills the incredible feeling of independent achievement

The project is based on scientific questions or interests that the students already have and allows them to develop the questions independently into formal, testable, solvable problems. When such studies are undertaken in earnest, the students often become driven by their projects. Learning the outcome and finding the answer can be an electrifyingly powerful moment of discovery. The result? An ordinary student is motivated to become an excellent student, and an excellent student to become a scholar. Of all the programs that a school might offer a student to improve self-esteem, it seems that participation in a science fair is one sure-fire way to build student confidence, challenge potential, and instills the incredible feeling of independent achievement that the successful science fair project provides.

Pretty River Academy’s unprecedented¬†Science Fair legacy

Pretty River has a Science Fair record to be proud of! With more than 20 students in the past nine years who have earned a spot at the Canada Wide Science Fair. This is an unprecedented of number of Canada Wide Science Fair alumni from our amazing little school!

Pretty River Academy Science Fair Team 2017

2017 continues Pretty River Academy’s Science Fair success

PRA Grade 11 student Elias Andersen, a Pretty River Academy student since kindergarten, earned a spot at the International Science and Technology Fair in Los Angeles in May. Elias has won 4th in Physical Sciences: Engineering Mechanics and the Da Vinci Engineering Award. Elias’ electronic umpire analysed sound using an algorithm and computer program he created to more accurately make calls on the bases.

Ben, Zane, and Rohan represented Ontario at the Canada-wide Science Fair in Regina in May. Pretty River Academy has an unprecedented legacy of science fair success; we’ve sent students to the national science fair each year for a decade.

Pretty River Academy provides opportunities for students to think critically and analyse supporting them in pursuing topics of study and applying their knowledge to innovate and create amazing solutions.

Our students’ projects are evidence of their application of knowledge, problem-solving, creativity, innovation, and brilliance!

Zane’s project, Passive Automated Diagnostic and Detection of Illness and Disease, uses a bathroom mirror he created to measure vital signs to provide early detection of health changes. He created an app so vital signs and health changes can be monitored and analysed. Zane earned a silver medal for his project at the Canada-wide Science Fair.

Ben created a dashboard-mounted traffic light detector system that provides assistive technology to support colour blind drivers. Ben also earned a silver at the Canada-wide Science Fair.

Rohan, our youngest representative in Grade 7, has developed a device that harnesses the kinetic energy of walking to charge phone and device batteries. Rohan earned a Gold medal for his project at his first Canada-wide Science Fair.

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