School-wide Speeches

Each year at Pretty River Academy students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 write and present an original speech.  The ability to deliver your thoughts and ideas clearly and confidently to an audience, large or small, is considered one of the most challenging and fear-inspiring experiences that people may gain throughout their lives.  We believe that starting children at a young age, and consistently extending their comfort zone, will build self-confidence and public speaking skills. Students begin by sharing their carefully crafted words with their immediate peers in a classroom setting, which allows them the opportunity to feel at ease and excel.  Student that present exceptional speeches in their class move onto the school-wide contest, where they will stand up in front of the entire school community, to show their hard earned oratory skills.  Winners from the school-wide event have the opportunity to participate in a variety of regional public speaking contests in which they can win monetary prizes.

When our students graduate Grade 12, they each give a speech summarizing their Pretty River Academy experience. At this point, they have developed different styles of writing and delivering their content but they all speak with confidence and conviction. Our students are ready to communicate their thoughts and ideas to an array of audiences concisely, professionally and with confidence.