Our Students

At Pretty River Academy, students learn in a creative, positive educational environment, which fosters independent thinking, teamwork, and leadership. From pre-kindergarten through high school, our programs are designed to help each individual achieve his or her maximum potential in all areas. 

Each student is encouraged to reach his or her potential, through the pursuit of personal excellence. Our students benefit from small classes and individual attention. We strive to develop the whole student by balancing academic, cultural, and athletic experiences.

Pretty River Academy encourages our students to “Strive for Excellence”, every day. We believe that, by striving daily throughout their school years, our students will carry this philosophy forward for the rest of their lives.

School Life

Pretty River Academy creates a unique and supportive environment allowing students to step out of their comfort zones as they strive for excellence. The expectation to “strive for excellence” is lived daily and modelled by our exemplary faculty. The atmosphere is one of mutual respect and support not only of faculty for students but also of students for each other. This support is felt across all grades from preschool to Grade 12.

Pretty River Academy has high academic standards. Students are well aware of the academic standard they must achieve and are provided with whatever support and instruction are necessary to enable them to attain these goals. This may require repetitive effort.

Leadership opportunities are encouraged throughout all grade levels and are required in the upper grades. Some of the opportunities involve tutoring, student government, organizing school and community activities and serving on Boards of community organizations. Service to the local and global communities is an integral part of our mission.

The Pretty River Academy campus sits beside a beautiful natural wetland. There is an extensive trail network and our outdoor classroom, which provides numerous learning opportunities with respect to the environment. Our responsibility to the environment is incorporated throughout the curriculum. Participation in both the Arts and Athletics is expected at Pretty River Academy. Faculty with specific expertise support these endeavours and the supportive environment encourages participation by all.