International students participate in:

  • Academic planning.  Students are trained and supported in adhering to an academic plan which includes goal setting and schedules for independent study.  
  • Etiquette lunches. Students learn North American table manners and skills to engage in social and business dinner conversation.
  • Mandatory participation in school and community events.  An essential component of our programming that makes PRA students successful in gaining admission to the top universities in Canada.
  • Our school chef prepares healthy and nutritious meals.
  • Our Wellness program runs for 30 minutes before classes start to provide an opportunity for our students to improve their level of physical fitness each day.

Other exceptional aspects of our academic success include:

  • Art taught by an exhibiting artist
  • Music taught by a performing musician
  • Study clinic for an hour after class each day for students to get extra support from teachers
  • And a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities to enrich students’ day and build essential experience for university applications
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