Ontario Ministry of Education Criteria:

  1. Students must complete at least 30 credits during their high school years.
  2. Complete a minimum of 40 volunteer community service hours. PRA can help find the available volunteer activities if requested.
  3. Completion of the Ontario literacy test (OSSLT). We administer this test each year.

Students will be fully eligible to apply to any College or University WORLDWIDE with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma from Pretty River Academy.

In 4 years of education students must take the following 15 credits to meet the requirements for the OSSD.

Mandatory Grade 9 courses




Canadian Geography


Health and Physical education


Civics and careers studies

Mandatory Grade 10 courses




Canadian History

Mandatory Grade 11 Courses



Mandatory Grade 12 Courses


In addition, 1 course must be taken from each of the following 3 groups of courses. (Some of these courses might have to be taken as an ILC course with an assigned teacher mentor.)

Group 1

an additional English Credit

or French as a second Language

or a third Language

or a Social Sciences and Humanities Credit

or a Canadian and World Studies Credit

or a Guidance and Career Education Credit

or a Cooperative Education Credit

Group 2

a Business Studies Credit

or a Credit in Health and physical Education

or a Credit in the Arts

or a Credit in Cooperative Education

or a French as a Second language

Group 3

a Grade 11 or 12 Science credit

or a Technological Education credit

or a Computer Studies credit

or a Cooperative Education credit

or French as a second language

Courses Offered at PRA

Pretty River Academy offers all the mandatory credit courses for the OSSD, including academic, open and applied courses. These courses are determined by student interest. Each year at Pretty River Academy students review their educational goals and the courses offered reflect the needs of our students.

Students will also be allowed to select from the courses offered by the Independent Learning Center (ILC).  Students on ILC course will have a mentor teacher assigned to them to ensure that the student stays on track with the course timeline.

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