At Pretty River Academy, we believe that music education is a vital aspect of a successful school’s elementary curriculum.   Discovering and developing a student’s ability to be creative, and express themselves through music and art, is proven to be one of the most essential components to ensuring well-rounded social and cognitive development.

The primary music program is based on the teachings of Carl Orff who believed children should experience the elements of music before intellectualizing them.  With a focus on playing percussion instruments, singing and movement, students learn music from various cultures and historical periods.  Joy, improvisation and a child’s natural sense of play are encouraged.

The Orff approach continues in the junior level, where students develop their singing voices, learn to play the recorder in an ensemble setting, and perform chord changes and rhythms on pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.  Tapping into their individual creativity, students learn to improvise and compose their own songs.

Intermediate students move on to band instruments and continue to engage in vocal skills.   Building and developing their musicianship and critical thinking skills students expand their knowledge and application of the elements of music: expression, rhythm, form, melody, timbre, texture and harmony.

All Pretty River Academy elementary students cultivate a life-long enjoyment of and appreciation for music.  Cultural difference and respect is celebrated.  Providing opportunities for students to demonstrate their musical skills and abilities, students perform for school events and in the surrounding community.

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