High School

Small classes are often the first thing people notice in Pretty River Academy’s High School program, yet it is our teachers and educational philosophy that truly set us apart. Our High School Teachers pride themselves on their ability to offer differentiated instruction. Each student is unique, and we empower our students to learn by involving them in the education process and providing rich and varied assessments in a safe but stimulating environment.  Within each classroom, students will have different ways of learning, different interests, and different ways of responding to instruction. We maximize each student's growth by recognizing that fact and adapting to engage every student. By interacting with our students, we determine the best way to challenge each student to push beyond his or her comfort zone without frustrating the student by assigning tasks too far ahead of his or her current point of mastery.  In this way, we support each student’s goal of reaching their academic potential. 

At Pretty River Academy, we believe firmly in Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence philosophies (howard_gardner_theory_multiple_intelligences.pdf) and offer diversified instruction designed to fit the way each of our students learns best.  With small class sizes, teachers can use examples and instructional strategies that connect with the learning styles of each individual in their classroom.  Teachers establish the fundamentals of the curriculum strand and then move on to promote critical thinking and problem-solving.  We believe that students who have strong critical thinking skills and can apply creativity to problem-solving will be the best equipped for their post-secondary education as well as their future careers.  The world is changing at an incredible pace, helping students develop the skills to face the challenges of our changing world in a confident manner is one of the best strategies for ensuring future success.