Exciting activities strategically placed within our yearly progressive themes enrich and integrate the early curriculum at Pretty River Academy.

 A lively, colorful place that celebrates the joyful curiosity of childhood, PRA offers a strong, creative curriculum with spirited instruction that matches a variety of learning styles. An experienced faculty sets high standards in the classroom while nurturing a genuine enthusiasm for learning. Our carefully sequenced curriculum is designed to develop children’s knowledge and skills in all areas—physical, social, emotional, and intellectual—to build self-confidence and establish a foundation for lifelong learning.


Classes at Pretty River Academy are invigorating, hands-on, thought-provoking, focused and collaborative … anything but boring!

The curriculum combines a firm foundation in traditional academic topics with an emphasis on the process of learning.  Classes mix teacher-directed activities with independent work, group work, and student projects and presentations. Our goal is to involve students in a variety of activities and to develop their thinking skills in a variety of settings. We support a range of learning styles and prepare these developing scholars to succeed in the more senior grades.


Honing their experimental science skills, debating, robotics design and the arts, round out the middle school years. Students and faculty at Pretty River Academy explore far beyond their textbooks.

Students are given an ever-increasing amount of responsibility for their education. Our excellent faculty balances guidance with independence as students discover new ways to apply their knowledge and incorporate information and skills from a variety of different sources.

Faculty care deeply about their subjects and their students, creating a warm, accepting environment that extends to all aspects of life at PRA. They enliven the classroom, encourage questions, draw out opinions, and engage all children in the conversation of learning.

The challenging, thoughtfully developed curriculum includes literature and writing, history, lab-based science, comprehensive mathematics and independent study opportunities. Graduates are independent learners well prepared to achieve in secondary school and contribute to the wider world around them.

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