Gift Acceptance Policies

Pretty River Academy seeks outright gifts and future gift commitments that are consistent with its mission. Donations will generally be accepted from individuals, partnerships, corporations, organizations, government agencies or other entities without limitations-unless acceptance of gifts from a specific source is inconsistent with the organization’s beliefs, values and mission. Pretty River Academy will not accept gifts from companies whose products may be harmful to our clients or from donors whose requests for public recognition are incompatible with our philosophy of appreciation.

In processing, all gifts will be coded in the donor database for the constituency source from which the gifts were given (e.g. individual, corporation, foundation, organization etc.)

Multi-year pledges for major gifts are encouraged but for no more than three to five years. Donors should complete and sign a gift agreement or pledge commitment letter detailing the purpose of the gift, payment schedule and how they wish their name to appear in donor recognition materials.

Donors are encouraged to support areas reflecting their interests. Pretty River Academy’s priorities include gifts for unrestricted, restricted and endowment purposes.

A selection of named or commemorative gift opportunities may be made available to each donor. Such opportunities represent a tangible means of demonstrating an individual donor’s investment in Pretty River Academy.

When gifts with restrictions are accepted, restrictions will be honoured. These restrictions will be detailed in the donor’s gift or pledge commitment letter.

Donor information that should be private and confidential will not be made public.

Gifts-In-Kind Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Pretty River Academy accepts gifts-in-kind that support its mission, and are consistent with its policies and are properly accounted for and acknowledged.

A gift-in-kind is an item such as equipment, software or a product that a donor voluntarily transfers to Pretty River Academy without charge or consideration.

Only Pretty River Academy’s Principal, Board of Directors or Development Officer have the authority to accept a gift-in-kind.

Donors must complete a gift-in-kind form that includes the name of the donor, a description of the item(s), the retail value of the item(s) and permission to publically recognize the donation.

Once accepted, the donated item(s) become the property of Pretty River Academy which retains the right to dispose of a gift-in-kind as it sees fit, unless another arrangement has been made with the donor.

Principles for Corporate Support or Donations


Pretty River Academy believes that it can best fulfill its mission through a broad base of support from various sources. However, to maintain its independence and objectivity, it seeks to identify any areas where there may be apparent conflicts of interest or where the mission, programs, projects and independence of Pretty River Academy could be compromised.

As part of expanding its base of support, Pretty River Academy is willing to consider partnerships with and gifts from the corporate sector. Pretty River Academy recognizes that corporations, as profit-centred organizations have obligations to their shareholders, Boards and employees to be successful. Pretty River Academy also recognizes that companies support the nonprofit sector not only out of a desire to be helpful, but also with a hope of a return or benefit to the company.

Given these realities and both legal and ethical considerations, Pretty River Academy is willing to negotiate partnerships and accept support from the corporate sector in ways that will benefit and recognize the supporting companies while enabling Pretty River Academy to better achieve its mission without compromising its principles.

General Guidelines

Pretty River Academy, as a charitable nonprofit organization, will accept no cash or property gift, pledge or non-cash gift or services or enter into any partnership with any company or other organization that produces products that are or may be harmful to the Pretty River Academy community. Nor will Pretty River Academy accept any of the above or support from any company or organization that, in the judgment of Pretty River Academy exploits the students or teachers in its product lines, advertising, marketing, workforce or any other way.


Pretty River Academy will at all times maintain an independent position on educational issues and concerns.

Pretty River Academy will solicit and accept support only for activities that are consistent with its mission.

Pretty River Academy will accept funds for research, information and educational activities only when the content is to be determined by Pretty River Academy, or an independent group designated by Pretty River Academy.

Pretty River Academy will maintain complete control, consistent with any donor restrictions acceptable to Pretty River Academy, of all funds provided by corporations, organizations and individuals.

Pretty River Academy will not accept any support that implies or requires endorsements of products.

Acknowledgements for corporate support will be limited to the companies’ names, logos, or slogans that are an established part of the supporters’ identities, trade names, addresses and telephone numbers.

Recognition of major corporate support will be developed in cooperation with the corporate donors and will be consistent with the level of support and Pretty River Academy’s mission and purpose. Pretty River Academy will seek to develop recognition opportunities that are appropriate and meaningful for both supporting companies and Pretty River Academy.

Pretty River Academy has intangible intellectual assets, including its name, research and other work, which will be protected at all times. Donors will not be permitted to use Pretty River Academy’s name or other items for commercial purposes or in connection with the promotion of any product.

Pretty River Academy’s Board of Directors and staff reserve the right to refuse any donation of cash or other services, noncash gifts or any other form of support if such support is not in keeping with the above principles or for the reasons that Pretty River Academy deems appropriate.


Pretty River Academy would like to thank Mac’s Convenience Store #820 – located at 560 First Street in Collingwood (across the street from the Metro) and Mac’s Convenience Store #546 – located at 580 Cameron Street in Collingwood . We have been very fortunate to be the designated charity for the Break Open Tickets, which are sold through the franchise. The monies raised are used (as per the licence) for Technology & Science, The Arts and Athletics.

When you are in the Mac’s store please remember to thank the manager(s).