Visual Arts

The Pretty River Academy has a rich art department. Instructed by professional artist Steven White, students learn in an enriched, hands-on environment. Many techniques and processes are covered:

  • Printmaking using our intaglio press: lino block, monoprint, polystyrene impressions and wood-cut techniques.
  • Painting: water colour and acrylic paint. Students paint on paper and canvas.
  • Sculpture: mobiles, found object assemblage, paper mache, metalwork, wood carving, clay, pottery fired in our kiln.
  • Drawing: students all learn the foundations of drawing, which are applied in every unit through sketching. Every student receives their own sketchbook.
  • Photography: Digital photography units are covered in secondary school classes.
  • Mixed Media: Many mixed media techniques are utilized, from photo-transfer to collage, students learn cutting edge processes to engage the imagination.


Music is an integral part of the student’s experience at Pretty River Academy.

The Orff philosophy is employed providing a structured, sequential development of knowledge and skills, which encourages joyful participation, creativity, and personal musical growth from all students.

Performance Opportunities:

  • Annual December Concert
  • School Plays and Musicals
  • Community Events
  • Nursing Home Visits

Drama/Theatre Production

Pretty River Academy believes the skills, understanding and appreciation of theatre are vital to individual development. Each year every student at our school takes part in a drama performance. The skills of public speaking, performance, team effectiveness, responsibility and accountability are developed from Tiny Tot Talent time to a high school performance. The performances take place throughout the school year with each division performing yearly. The students prepare the costumes, sets, props and perform. Students in the past, with a skill of writing, have written, directed and produced the performance.

The dynamic sense of community is reinforced daily. Our drama performances enable all students to recognize the strengths of others and themselves and support each other to best utilize these strengths and diversities in order to create a performance of excellent quality.

The faculty at Pretty River Academy support the process during each step. Our art students help to create the sets. Each performance is representative of the talents of all of our students.